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Sewing machine

These are some shots of a sewing machine design I’ve been fiddling with in SolidWorks. It’s almost there…a few developmental images.

Sewing/embroidery machine

This was the first assy, with two of the main components — vertical pillar/controls & arm assy — the drive assy came last.

Sewing/embroidery machine

Coming up with a visual style which would be considered ‘advanced’, without being boxy, or sacrificing aesthetic efficiency was the first challenge. Integrating the control features expected today, along with visual interface and widely proliferating CAD apps for sewing was another key one.

Sewing/embroidery machine

Having had seamstresses in my family, I was well aware that, despite cautions to the contrary, for quick short lifts, the horizontal arm is often used as an ad hoc handle. This means some accomodation for this in terms of stress and fit was called for. Check back for an expansion on these comments as the project progresses…

Sewing/embroidery machine

Sewing/embroidery machine


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