CAD Craft

A resource to CAD Craft specialists, and a showcase of my work — in both material and virtual worlds


An engineering designer with well over 25 years experience, Jamal Ali has worked primarily in the aerospace/avionics, semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology & communications industries providing engineering design services, as well as virtual design, build and real estate development services, primarily on the Second Life platform, and soon, on Croquet and Google Earth via SketchUp.

As a CAD polyglot, there are many arenas of design & discourse which Jamal engages in, informed by his experience & participation in various stages of development in CAD and engineering design.  A key area involves the transposition of these skill sets to address challenges in power generation(solar power), rail transport(urban/interurban) and the application of systems engineering principles in these processes to render more comprehensive, economical and efficient solutions.  Stay tuned to this blog, as well as those on the blog roll for an expanding universe of developments and applications.

Located in the Los Angeles, California area for the last several years, Jamal Ali has been active in northern California, the Houston, Texas and Washington, DC/Baltmore, MD metropolitan areas, as well as international contracts.  Jamal Ali can be reached at:

PO Box 332
San Pedro, CA  90733-0332

or, you can send an inworld message in Second Life to Khepera Menoptra


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  joris wrote @

I loved your Materials & Processes post! It’s very relevant for a lot of the modelers that we have on our site. We would love for you to try out shapeways and tell us what you think becuase you’ve worked with CAD and also Second Life. Feel free to email me at

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