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A resource to CAD Craft specialists, and a showcase of my work — in both material and virtual worlds

Design Tools & Experience

Jamal Ali has spent nearly 30 years in the field of design engineering, primarily in the aerospace/avionics, semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology & communications industries.  Some of the tools & projects in his portfolio include:


Mechanical:  SolidWorks, NX, AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Inventor
Printed Circuit Board:  PADS, P-CAD, Gerber



  • IntelSat VI satellite – chassis & housing design (Hughes Space & Communications)
  • MilStar satellite – flex circuit design & digital signal processing (TRW)
  • Original GPS system (Magnvox Research Laboratories)
  • TAOC-85 – C3I systems (Litton Industries, Data System Division)
  • Digital Signal Processing – PCB design (KOR ELectronics)
  • Integrated portable microwave communications system for UAE(Egypt) (Broadcast Microwave Services) 


  • Space Shuttle – onboard electronics (Rockwell International)
  • Mars Science Laboratory Rover (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  • F-15 radar systems (Hughes Aircraft)
  • Apache Helicopter – power distribution and control systems, incl. PCB design (Hughes Helicopter)
  • X-31 fighter/trainer – fuselage & noseboom (Rockwell International)
  • Brake systems for AirbBus 400 series and Boeing 700 series (Crane Aerospace)
  • Conestoga launch vehicle – avionics (EER Systems)   

Weapons Systems


  • Roland Tank – control systems (Hughes Aircraft)
  • AMRAMM missle – propulsion ignition switch (Consolidated Controls)
  • NBC mobile detection systems – cable design & E/M packaging (Northrop-Grumman)
  • Ordnance deployable decoy systems for Navy & Air Force
Optical Systems 


  • Laser-induced fusion research (KMS Fusion)   

Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • PEGASYS plasma exhaust gas abatement system – lead design interface engineer (Applied Materials)
  • Laser & UV systems for semiconductor maufacturing (Advanced Semiconductor Products)


  • Spectrofluorometric bio-medical diagnostic products – chassis & mechanisms (Bio-Rad)


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