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Sewing machine, single needle/bobbin configuration

A variation in design, utilizing a single needle/bobbin(upper)  — whereas the previous configuration is better suited for embroidery. 

Sewing/embroidery machine

One of the design goals is to bring the thread feeding internal to the machine, an adaptation of say the hand towel dispensers in some restrooms where the paper comes out of the center of the roll, instead of along the outside. This requires a different bobbin design, which is more challenging, but nearly complete. The benefits include fewer objects, things which can get caught on fabric, fingers, etc. If you have ever a thread become unknowingly caught, and the bobbin end up in knotted disarrary, you know how frustrating this can be. This arrangement also allows for a simpler loading/unloading process of the needle assembly.

Sewing/embroidery machine

Sewing/embroidery machine